BPB Associates Group Health Insurance

Experienced and committed group health advisors

BPB Associates has extensive experience offering affordable group health insurance packages to any sized business in the U.S. and worldwide. Ask about our cost effective employee health benefits, secure in the knowledge that our commitment for providing value and service is based on fulfilling the needs of employers and offering practical coverage solutions in conjunction with advanced insurance products.

A variety of customized health benefit options

Group insurance alternatives include:

  • Life and accident benefits
  • Dental Care and Medical coverage
  • Prescription Drug coverage
  • Emergency Travel Health insurance
  • Extended and critical Illness benefits
  • Medical reimbursement plans
  • Retirement health insurance plans
  • Specialty and Customized plans according to requirement

Practical health coverage solutions - superior, cost efficient group benefit products

BPB Associates can provide customized group health insurance to any organization. Experts in finding the particular coverage most suitable for business owners and employers, our representatives provide assistance in the selection of health benefit packages for either small or larger groups. Group health insurance provides financial protection for employees and also allows employers to attract and retain competent staff that helps to maintain steady work productivity and avoid high turnover rates.

Health Insurance plans are offered at competitive rates by knowledgeable representatives available to address concerns, provide solutions and customize the most appropriate insurance packages for your business.

For more information on the benefits of group health insurance, contact BPB Associates at 770.632.2733.